I am a Nurse Practitioner who has worked in the Emergency room for 9 years. I have stayed late, sacrificed holidays and family events to be available to provide compassionate and evidence based care to hundreds of people in my community.

Like many of my colleagues, I stay after shifts to make sure my patients have their needs met. Patient needs go beyond medications and ordering tests, family members also require our time and emotional support on what is often the worst day of their life. This usually means I go home late and miss dinner with my husband, exhausted and often overwhelmed, but full of pride that I did the right thing.

I love my job and I know that my Emergency Medicine peers are priceless, and what we do matters, but right now I need my community to believe that too.

In health care we sacrifice our personal time, our family time and now we are putting our health and that of our families on the line. WE NEED YOUR HELP. WE NEED PPE !

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. These are things like surgical masks, N95 masks (like what painters and construction workers wear and use from home depot… check your garage!), gowns, gloves and protective eye wear. If you have extra of these supplies help us get them to your local hospital.

Currently, we are collecting UNOPENED boxes of masks, gloves, gowns, safety goggles, N95 masks and touch-less thermometers. If you have some we can pick them up or you can drop them off at a location near you.

Email us at info@helpgetppe.com and we will coordinate how to get the equipment from you.

If you do not live in San Diego please still email us we will pay the shipping costs of any equipment you can provide to get it to a hospital in need. While I am fortunate to have equipment at my facility and a very pro active administration, there is a shortage nation wide and others are not as fortunate as me.

***DONATE HERE to help us purchase supplies ( listed below) and pay local businesses who are making our 3D face shields and masks. Money given to small business owners will be used to purchase printing material for 3D printers, face shield materials, supplies for cloth masks. and cover labor costs to maintain their staff.

Plastic face shields will be donated at no cost to hospital staff and emergency medical personal. Fabric sewn masks will be donated at no cost to nursing homes, cancer patients, grocery store employees, homeless and hospital staff.

This is the link to the design we are printing it may look familiar but we have modified the specs so they don’t rip the clear film. . We’re always printing and testing new models so this is the place to be for updates and feedback from Emergency medicine personnel who try it out.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed home, washed their hands, showed compassion for one another and done what they can in this crazy time.

Stay Zen and 6 feet apart,

Summer Davies, FNP-BC

TO NOTE: Views expressed here are my own personal beliefs, not my employer’s.